Sterling Concierge Services Reasonable rates for concierge services

Sterling Concierge Services background

  • Rates are typically quoted/provided based on a project or task, and include travel time starting and ending at Sterling’s place of business.
  • Hourly rates may be provided for a la carte services and in certain situations. Hourly rates have a minimum of a one (1) hour charge, and after the first hour rates are calculated using 15 minute intervals. Hourly rates are $36 per hour.
  • Event Planning is normally quoted based on the event. If Hourly rates are used, the Event rate is $60 per hour.
  • Premium Rates for off-hours, weekend and holidays are as follows:
    • Off-hours: add 25%
    • Weekends: add 50%
    • Holidays: add 100%
  • Services provided outside the fifteen (15) mile radius will have an additional surcharge of 25% on top of the normal or Premium rate.

Payments Terms

  • Payment is due prior to delivery of services, unless other payment options such as the Monthly Retainer is utilized.
  • Payments may be made using one of the following Payments Types: cash, check, credit card (Visa, Master Card or American Express) or PayPal.
  • A Monthly Retainer payment option is available, payable in advance of service delivery. Unused hours will be applied to the following month. Clients will receive an itemized statement of services provided and a balance on account.
  • Payments for additional costs, purchases, etc. will be made through advance deposits using one of the Payment Types.
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